It started as an experiment Memorial Day Weekend 2011.   

With 40 beads, a few bracelets and a couple necklaces I gathered a group of friends and asked them a question... could I really sell this stuff?  I believe that any little girl (or big girl!) should have the experience of designing their own jewelry.  But, at an affordable price.  After 5 minutes, that small group of friends gave me my answer... YES!  That same joy continues today at Z Beads and Jewelry!

Z Beads & Jewelry offers customers a wide selection of: Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Charms, and Beads to design their own jewelry

Sunshine Collection (Abalone jewelry) 

Swarovski Crystal Necklaces

Christmas & Holiday Season 

European Beads and Charms 

POPZ & POPZ Mini (snap charms) 

Lockets with floating and clip charms 

Dangle Bracelets (thin-style) 

Earrings in several styles 

When we travel, we do not carry every piece, but our online store includes our entire inventory!  If you cannot locate them please call or message me and I will be able to help you.   

I want to thank all of my loyal customers for their support and look forward to seeing you all again very soon! 

Linda Z